Board Certified Behavior Analyst: Provides ongoing supervision for your child's therapy including staff and parent training, analyzing treatment outcomes, and making data driven decisions. The BCBA is your "go-to" person for everything from clinical questions to sharing excitement over reaching a milestone.

Michael “Mike” Nazzaro


For the past 7 years I have worked with children and adults with special needs.  Over this time, I have worked for a private residential school for students with special needs, adult day and residential program, home service programs, and public schools. Over my time in the field I have developed a passion for parent/caregiver training and teaching functional living skills. Seeing a child or adult do something for the first time under a variety of conditions is the most rewarding thing to me.  I enjoy building relationships and improving the lives of the children and families I work with.

Jennifer Decie-Scott


I have been working with those who have ASD since 2014 and knew that I wanted to make a difference in children’s lives.  After receiving my bachelor’s degree from Salem State In 2018, I began my career at the May Institute and went on to receive a Master’s in Behavior Analysis and became a BCBA.  I have experience with individuals ages 5-22 teaching social, academic, daily living, communication, and vocational skills. Functional communication is my favorite domain to teach! I currently work full-time at a public school and I am further my experience within the home setting at B.E.S.T.  Outside of ABA, I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, puzzles and biking and hiking during the warmer months with my husband.

George El-Khoury


I received a BA in psychology from the University of Michigan in 2018  and completed a MA in applied behavior analysis from William James College to become a BCBA. I love working in this field and being part of a team of people that strive to positively impact the lives of families and the communities we serve everyday. I am a New England native interested in traveling the world and disseminating the field of applied behavior analysis to remote and in-need communities. My professional interests outside of autism are sustainability and behavioral medicine. I also love taking care of plants and birdwatching.

Hannah Everson


After receiving my bachelor’s degree from Worcester State in Communication Sciences and Disorders, I went to Cambridge College where I got my master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis concentrating in autism spectrum disorders. I’ve worked in public schools as a Speech and Language Assistant as well as private companies providing ABA services to clients ranging from pre-school to adults. Seeing clients gain independence is one of my favorite parts of teaching using behavior analysis. In my free time, I like to listen to true crime and dog training podcasts. I also love to play softball and stay active with my new puppy.


 I have a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from

Evangel University and a Master of Science in Behavior Analysis from Simmons University. For the past 17 years I have worked with children and families as a social worker. It is my passion to work to improve outcomes, build positive working relationships, and find joy in everyday things. I especially enjoy Natural Environment Teaching and using the child’s interests to teach relevant skills. Outside of ABA, I love to read, crochet, and playing The Legend of Zelda. It is always a pleasure to meet new families and I look forward to working with you!

Nelvi Diaz


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Andrea Perkins


Safety Care Trainer

Hello! I graduated from Endicott college with my masters in Severe Special Education and ABA in 2019.  Before that, I pursued my bachelors degree in American Sign Language at Northeastern University.  Before joining B.E.S.T I taught at Beverly School for the Best/Children's Center for Communication. I love working with client's that have a wide range of abilities and needs.  I enjoy teaching my client's functional skills, and helping to build their independence.  I love to build strong relationships with my clients, and am always down to play! Outside of work, I love to hang out with my three dogs, spend too much money at Target, and listen to True Crime podcasts. 

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Renee Hartz


Director of Clinic Operations

In 2009 I crossed paths with an ABA program at a camp in NJ, fell in love with the service, the science, and the people, and never looked back. 

I’ve worked in private school, public school, home-based and behavior stabilization settings.  As a lifelong learner, I completed grad programs in SPED and ABA and am currently pursuing my PhD (ABD!).  I also enjoy serving as adjunct faculty at UMASS Lowell.

In addition to clinical work, I love ACT, OBM, BCBA supervision, and finding new ways to save the world with ABA (social justice, youth development, etc.). I enjoy traveling, strategy games, true crime, and the theater.   I spend too much time on Netflix and too much money on Amazon. 

sarah h.png
Sarah Helm


Director of Supervision

I began my career in ABA in 2008 and graduated with my Masters in Applied Behavior Analysis in 2012 from Westfield State University.  I was the clinical director of the May Center School for Autism and Developmental Disabilities in West Springfield and I have participated in a wide variety of services related to those with special needs. I have a passion for services that provide individuals with quality of life through leisure and recreation.

When I am not practicing ABA I enjoy whittling and woodworking, playing volleyball, and enjoying the great outdoors. 

20190801_112535 (2).jpg
Stefanie Doucette

I received my BCBA and my Masters in Severe Special Education in 2011 from Endicott College. Prior to working for B.E.S.T, I spent six years at Melmark New England ,and then several more in the public schools as a teacher and a BCBA. Born and raised in Lynn, MA,
I now live in Ipswich and spend as much time as I can at Crane Beach. I am one of those crazy people who get up at 5 am to workout and it gives me the energy I need to keep up with all my
clients. I prefer to drive a standard over an automatic, and I am positive that SVU is the best in
the Law and Order Franchise.