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Meet The Founders

Megan and Becky’s specialized knowledge and drive have been shaped by their diverse experiences. They have serviced individuals ranging from ages 3-22 in public, private, and home settings. 

Megan Ciesluk

Co-Founder, Director


I knew very early on in my life that I wanted to contribute to the field of special education, and began doing so while just in high school.  After receiving my undergraduate + graduate degree in special education; severe disabilities, I began working as a school and home based behavior technician.   I then became a special education teacher for students with autism, and continued this role for six years.  With a specific interest in behavior change, I decided to continue my education and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. ​


As much as I love being fun and bubbly with the kids I service, I am also known by co-workers for having a calm and nurturing demeanor. My favorite part of the job is incorporating learning into client guided fun activities.


Outside of being an ABA geek, my other passions include animals, health+wellness and interior design+organization!

Rebecca “Becky” Santos

Co-Founder, Director


I started my career as a teacher of individuals with autism.  I taught for five years at both a private and public school setting. I have worked with a variety of different ages and abilities, ranging from students 18-21 with intensive behaviors to students in kindergarten, working on communication and pre-academic skills. 


My passion in the field lies within functional communication. I love tackling problem behaviors and coming up with a way to replace them with an alternative, communicative means! I enjoy bringing fun and excitement to the sessions! You can always recognize me in a room when you hear enthusiastic sayings; “Woo Hoo!, You got it girlfriend!, That was AMAZING!”


I have a growing passion to use ABA to make the world a more healthy and sustainable place. Let's use our knowledge of behavior/ behavior change to reduce our impact on the world around us!  

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